URL Inspection Tool release by Google Search Console

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Google has announced a new feature in the new Google Search Console that allows you to check a specific URL on your website to see the status of that URL in google index.

On other hand we can say that URL Inspection tool provides detailed crawl, index, and serving information about your pages, directly from the Google index. So Search becomes more transparent.

It will show you the

  •  Last crawl date
  •  Status of that last crawl
  •  Any crawling or indexing errors
  •  Canonical URL for that page
  •  If the page was successfully indexed
  •  Any AMP errors
  •  Structured data errors
  •  Rich results like Recipes and Jobs
  •  Indexing issues.

Here are screen shots:

Google URL Inspect Tool

You can enter in either AMP vs. non-AMP URLs as well.

If a page isn’t indexed, you can learn why. The new report will have information about noindex robots meta tags and Google’s canonical URL for the page.

Google URL Inspect Tool

This is still rolling out, and you won’t necessarily see it today, as the roll out can take a couple weeks.

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