Link Building Techniques

Link Building Technique
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Google uses links to measure the authority of web pages. Number of links to a page, show its popularity and credibility.The link to a page is to like to vote it. Suppose a page A links to page B, means page A is suggesting that page B is a good page or page A likes page B. But the nofollow tag (<a href=”href://” rel=”nofollow”>) need to check. The nofollow tag adding to a link means, it will link to other page but will not to vote it.

So, if a web page attracts links from other pages Google’s algorithm use it to rank pages and increases the importance of a page.


Why Links Are Important?

Getting a links to a page is important to enhance the rank of that page. It will increase the authority of your domain or page and also referral traffic. Your site will be noticed in web and ultimately traffic will drive.

But it is always good to get links from top domains, which have a high authority. It will increase authority of your domain. You will quickly get the rank in google search.

A site like Wikipedia, thousands sites linking to it, which earn trust and authority with the search engines’


Anchor Text

Anchor text is One of the strongest factor the engines use in rankings. If dozens of links point to a page with the right keywords, <a href=”href:// >Anchor Text Keyword</a> that page has a very good chance of ranking well for that the targeted anchor text.



Earning links from highly-trusted domains like Universities, government websites and non-profit organizations can help to boost the rank.

Link Building Tips

Create a Quality Content that inspires sharing and natural linking. Create a quality content and inspire your user to share this piece of information to other their know person, bloggers. Such high quality content earned votes are invaluable to building trust, rankings and authority.

1. Get your customers to link to you.
2. Share RSS feed.
3. Make a tool like a iframe (Create HTML ready snippets )to share content.
4. Check the Competitor’s Backlinks and get idea.
5. Build a company blog.
6. Share your content in different platform like Video, Slideshare, Ebook, RSS Feed, Blog, Web Directories of same              niche.
7. Do guest blogging.
8. Get Interviewed
9. Contribute to Wikipedia Pages – By citing your own content on relevant Wikipedia pages, you can get a link                        under the “References” tab. It’s nofollow, but it’s very trustworthy & can send a lot of highly relevant    traffic. Share in aggregating sites
10.  Build relationships
11. Join the same niche group. Discussed the problem and share the link for its solution.

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